With two Master’s degrees in English and a combined library that numbers too many, we understand how the right word makes all the difference. We specialize in a variety of areas, and are always ready for the next “word-worthy” challenge.

Shannon Diffner

Shannon Diffner

With a demonstrated history in marketing and advertising, Shannon brings a passion for words to every project. She began her career with the Tony Award-winning producer Carole Shorenstein Hays, where her duties included developing ad campaigns for live events at San Francisco’s premier venues. After earning her M.A. in Literature, Shannon switched from theatre to film when she returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and accepted a position with Universal Studios. During her eight years on the lot, she worked in the Creative and Marketing groups for the Consumer Products, Interactive, Motion Picture, and Home Entertainment divisions before launching Scarlet Letters with Alexia in 2004. Additionally, Shannon teaches college-level Literature and Composition classes.

Alexia Wellons

Alexia Wellons

Alexia has over twenty years of creating, editing, and wordsmithing content for some of the most recognized brands and industries in the world. After receiving graduate degrees in English literature and screenwriting from the University of Washington and UCLA respectively, Alexia worked as a tech editor and writer at Microsoft and Starbucks headquarters. During this time, she also published hundreds of online film and theatre reviews, as well as magazine articles on various travel destinations. In 2001, she returned to LA to work in the Creative group of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, where she met Shannon Diffner and later formed Scarlet Letters Copywriting in 2004.  She has traveled extensively throughout the world, exchanged emails with Peter Jackson and Donald Trump (although not together), and gone hang-gliding in the Alps. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon, with two kids, three cats, one dog, and way too much moss.

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